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Sawmill in Craponne-sur-Arzon

Specialist in construction timber in standard dimensions or customised pieces in Fir and Douglas Fir from the Auvergne region in France

Established since 1965 in the centre of France in the heart of the Massif Central, our sawmill specialises in sawing construction timber and carries out deliveries throughout France. We also saw timber for packing and formwork.

The company is renowned for its exceptional responsiveness driven by an innovative, new production tool that provides great flexibility in scheduling and use. We also supply logs of high quality which are sourced in forests close to the company's production site.

We manufacture products for industries, carpenters, joiners, timber housing contractors, wood trade and individuals.

Our strengths:

A large stock of raw timber to ensure short response times in supplying sawn wood products, handling urgent orders and deliveries.

Our stock of finished products (cladding, floorboards, half-joints, wood frames, etc.) means you can include a mix of several different products on the same order.

The sawmill:

Our new sawing unit allows us to produce a wide range of products: customised pieces, standard dimensions, long lengths, free-of-heartwood sawing, etc. The production means are continually upgraded and improved, to optimise our flexibility and response times.

These developments mean we can offer an increasingly large range of products. We now sell sawn timber that can be both dried and planed.

In addition to sawn timber, we also stock a range of finished products to offer our clients a comprehensive service. You will find a non-exhaustive list of these products in the "Products" section of our website. The variety and diversity of our range mean you can centralise all your various orders and optimise your shipping arrangements by cutting costs and saving time.

Timber species :

Fir / Spruce - Douglas Fir - Larch - Sylvestris Pine

A sawmill specialising in Fir and spruce timber, we also work with other species such as Douglas Fir, Larch and Sylvestris Pine

Timber buying

We are renowned for the quality of our logs, sourced in forests close to the company's production site, and within a distance of 50 km around Craponne-sur-Arzon and Jullianges.

We personally control procurement from individuals and forestry groups. All purchases are processed on-site with our contact persons. We can also handle the whole operation or part of it, as well as log delivery to our production site.

BP15 - ZA La Marelle




04 71 03 23 38